Tuesday, 2 June 2015

sunny and yummy mango, melon and pomegranate smoothie

sunny and yummy mango, melon and pomegranate smoothie 

As the weather outside is absolutely terrible for June (there's sleet, rain and wind here in Glasgow) I thought I would brighten up my morning with a tropical, sunny smoothie to pretend that summer is actually here. 

I picked up the pomegranate from Lidl's, which was a great find. If you don't have anywhere that stocks them, I think raspberries would make a delightful substitute.

Makes 2 smoothies:

2 mangoes
half a cantaloupe melon (though you can use whatever melon you like)
half a pomegranate
lemon juice to taste

1. chop up the flesh of 2 mangoes, making sure to get all the skin off. I find slicing across a mango first means you can tell where roughly the stone is, which helps when you're grappling with it trying to cut the nice squishy bits off. You will need a blender for this - a fancy one, or a stick one will do. Pop the mango into whatever whizzer you have

2. Chop up half the melon and add to the mix. 

3. chop the pomegranate in half. I find a mixture of squeezing/banging it into a bowl gets a lot of the seeds out, then i scrape with a spoon. Do NOT wear white while doing this. Unless spattered pink tops are in this season, in which case go right ahead. 

4. Pick out the worst of the bitter white fleshy bits and smush the pomegranate seeds a bit to release more juice. Carefully pour that juice into the mangoes and melon, being careful not to let the seeds fall in. If you have a sieve for this, use it. I wish I did!

5. Whizz up your fruit, and add some pomegranate seeds to garnish if you want to be fancy pants like me. They also add a nice fruity crunch which I love.

What's your favourite smoothie recipe? Do you have any particular sunny meals that cheer you up when the weather is grey?

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