Monday, 29 July 2013

Fresh courgette, garlic and chilli pasta

This is one of my dad's recipes he got based on something similar from the italian chef Antonio Carluccio. It makes a great quick and easy dish that tastes of summer and feels really healthy yet delicious! The simple combination of ingredients means it's really straightforward to make, and the flavours really get to shine through which is exactly what great italian food is all about. 

Serves 2

3 courgettes
2 red chillis
2 clove of garlic (more if you like it)
Salt and pepper
Olive Oil
Pasta - whatever shape you fancy

1. Pop your pasta on to cook - bring the water to the boil but after that you can turn it down to a simmer - as long as the water is bubbling a bit your pasta will be cooking. 

2. Handle the chillis with care. Remind yourself not to touch your eyes, lips or... anywhere else once you've started chopping. Scoop out the seeds (as these are HOT) and chop the chilli into little bits. Crush the garlic and chop it or use a garlic crusher and add to a deep-ish frying pan or saucepan with some olive oil. Keep on a lowish heat for 1-2 minutes - you don't want to burn the garlic because it tastes horrible if you do. 

2. Wash your hands, a lot!

3. Chop the ends off the courgettes and grate them straight into the pan. 

4. On a low-medium heat make sure the courgettes are coated in the oil and garlic. Add a little salt and pepper as it's cooking - taste to make sure you've added enough. You want everything to cook down a bit, and get nice and juicy and hot, this only takes 4 or 5 minutes. If it looks a little bit dry, you can add a spoonful of the pasta water. 

5. Drain your pasta and transfer to nice bowls or plates. 

6. Spoon the nice courgettey mixture over the top - be sure to spoon over some of the juices too. 

We're starting to get courgettes in my step-mum's garden. Do you grow your own vegetables, if not, what would be on your homegrown wishlist?


  1. I reckon this would be delicious with tagliatelle!

    Also, idea for when you cook it for me ( ;) ) can we do roasted pine nuts on top???

    1. Roasted pine nuts - what an awesome idea :) Same goes for tagliatelle, it's my favourite pasta!