Tuesday, 16 April 2013

lovely creamy mushrooms on toast

This makes an excellent lazy lunch, perfect for when you're sat at home and fancy something delicious.

I have used a ciabatta roll here, as I thought it went really well, but you could use any bread you've got, it doesn't really matter. As you can probably tell, I am a bread enthusiast!

A lot of recipes I've seen before use vegan cream in their recipes. I haven't - as I rarely ever get vegan cream. Once you open it, it doesn't keep for very long. So I've used cornflour and soya milk here. If you don't have cornflour, get some! It's great for thickening any sauces and I use it pretty regularly, and importantly it keeps for ages and therefore you can make a creamy sauce whenever you so choose, perfect.

Serves 1 greedy individual

At least 6 mushrooms (they wilt down in the pan)
2 splashes of soya milk
A handful of spinach leaves (salad ones)
1 garlic clove (2 if you like things garlicy)
Olive oil
Delicious bread of your choice

1. Slice the mushrooms and add them to pan with some olive oil. On a medium heat, start cooking them through. If they're getting a bit charred, turn the heat down. Add the garlic once they've got going, with the thyme and the pepper.

2. Toast your bread. To do the ciabatta, I did it unsliced under the grill, a few minutes either side. If you're using simple sliced bread, this is much more straightforward!

3. Add a splash of soya milk to the mushrooms, and stir around. The sauce will go a nice mushroomy colour. It's probably a little soggy though, so sprinkle half a teaspoon of cornflour and stir it all in. You don't need much cornflour. Keep on a low heat and hopefully it will all start looking a bit creamier.

4. Add more milk if your mushrooms are looking a bit dry. When it's gone creamy again, you're ready!

5. Spread some margarine on the bread, and add the spinach leaves. You could substitute this for any leaves you like but I thought spinach stood up for itself and didn't wilt under the wetness of the mushrooms.

6. Add your lovely creamy thymey garlicky mushrooms to your bread - and enjoy!

You could posh this up by getting lots of different kinds of mushrooms, but it's pretty great for what it is already. What's your favourite quick yummy lunch idea?

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