Tuesday, 14 October 2014

crunchy kale crisps

crunchy kale crisps

Kale is great. This is an easy way to eat a lot of kale, which is a perfect idea because it is fabulously good for you, full of calcium and iron and.. lots of other good stuff. Go kale! 

The variety I thought up was cheesy spicy kale crisps, which satisfies my salty savoury cravings. 

Serves 2, but it depends how much you love kale 

1 bag of kale (usually around 200g)
a hefty drizzle of olive oil 
chilli flakes or chilli powder
a pinch of salt
a big shake of nutritional yeast (what's that?)

1. Preheat the oven to 190c 

2. Chop up the kale if necessary. I am lazy and buy it pre-chopped, hee hee. Tip the kale into a large roasting tray or oven proof dish. Don't worry if it seems a lot - like spinach in a pan it will wilt down a fair amount 

3. Drizzle some olive oil over the kale - you can always add more later if you need to so don't go mad

4. Sprinkle over the salt, some paprika, the chilli flakes or the chilli powder (careful with this it could blow your head off) and finish off with a hefty sprinkling of nutritional yeast - this gives the cheesy taste 

5. Give the kale a big mix around. Make sure you're coating the kale in the mixture as much as you can 

6. Pop in the preheated oven. Check after 5 minutes. The edges start to catch and go a bit brown - so watch out! If the kale nearer the middle is still a bit soggy, give it all a wiggle and a shake and put back in for another few mins. 

7. Grab it out of the oven and transfer to a bowl for an immediately tasty snack. Like popcorn, but even better for you! 

I've heard of other varieties like using curry powder, or just plain salt and pepper. Garlic could also be very yummy - what do you think? 

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