Friday, 26 April 2013

Summer green smoothie - no smoothie maker required!

You either love the idea of green smoothies or you don't. I don't know how anyone can resist the amazing colour and taste of this healthy drink, especially as you can skip off into the distance safe in the knowledge you've already had 3 of your 5 a day before you've even left the house!

This is my power drink that I make for breakfast sometimes, when I feel a bit stressed out, or I have a long day ahead. Afterwards, I feel so pumped full of delicious nutrition that nothing can stop me. I always put ginger in it - so not only is it cold and fresh and tangy, it's also got that zingy taste that puts a spring in your step.

This particular recipe is pretty simple as some ingredients can be a bit pricy, but experiment with what you have. 

Serves 2 - or 1 person who loves smoothies! This takes about 5 minutes. 

1 green apple
Handful of spinach
2 hearty glugs of apple juice
Half a cucumber 
Grating of ginger
Lemon juice
Water if needed

1. Peel the cucumber and apple if you want to - I don't bother but it can make the smoothie a bit bitty if you don't. Chop them into bite size pieces. 

2. Pop them into wherever you're going to blend them - I use a plastic measuring jug. Make sure the sides are TALL - otherwise you will end up with smoothie covered clothes, which is not ideal.

3. Add the spinach and the other ingredients. Grate as much ginger as you think you'll like - if you're not sure go on the safe side as you can always add more once it's blended. I keep a bit of ginger in the freezer, as it lasts forever that way. 

4. Using a hand blender, carefully start blending the ingredients. Swish around the juice so that the blender finds it a bit easier to cut everything up. Keep blending until you can't see any lumps, and then blend a bit longer to get a smoother finish.

5. If it's more like delightfully fruity soup, add some water or more apple juice. Have a little taste, and add some more lemon/ginger if you want. 

6. Enjoy, and then skip down the road safe in the knowledge you've already had 3 of your five a day!

When I've made smoothies in the past I've added kiwi, kale (not so great) and experimented with different juices too. What would you add to yours?

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